What is encaustic?

Encaustic is a mixture of natural beeswax and damar resin, which is a natural tree resin.  Pigment is added to this wax/resin mixture for an infinite range of colors and degress of opacity.  Encaustic was first used in Greece thousands of years ago to seal the hulls of wooden ships.  It also was used in Egypt and the Roman Empire to adorn sarcophagi with luminous portraits.  These encaustic works remain vibrant to this day - a testament to the archival quality of the material.

Encaustic is a widely practiced art medium, made famous especially by 20th century artist Jasper Johns.

Will the encaustic melt?

Encaustic isn’t just beeswax - it is a combination of solid (hard) resin and wax. Its melting point is over 175 degrees F. These pieces are not fragile - they are glossy, resilient works of art.  

Encaustic will not soften as long as it is hung out of direct sunlight. The pigments will not fade, even in brightly lit rooms.  I use only museum quality materials to ensure the lasting integrity of your art.

What is a cradled wood panel?

Most encaustic work is done on a wood panel with rear framing that gives it strength and rigidity.  It's like an inverted box.  This is a cradled panel. 

See pictures here.

I'm new to original art.  How do I start?

A great way to experience the beauty of encaustic art is to start small - look at the LITTLE TREASURES collection if you are new to this medium, and consider bringing a small piece into your home.  

Does my art need a frame?

No.  All of my work on cradled panels has finished edges.  This means I completely paint the sides to coordinate with the overall painting.  The panels range in depth from 7/8" to 1.5 or even 2.5" for very large pieces.  The painted edges give a unified visual impact so your artwork looks beautiful on its own.

Can I add a frame to a piece?

Yes, on most pieces!  I recommend floater frames, which are deep and leave a small gap around the artwork so it appears to be floating.  If you are interested in a frame for one of my artworks, please contact me.  Indicate which work of art you would like framed, and I will present you with options and pricing.  

What kinds of reproductions are available?

Clients have purchased both canvas reproductions at full size and fine art prints of my original work - sometimes a combination!  It will soon be possible to order prints through my portfolio on saatchi art.com.  In the meantime, contact me via the contact form for size and price information on canvas and fine art paper prints. 

Full size canvas reproductions cost about a third the price of originals, and are a great, durable option for both offices and homes.

Can I touch my artwork?

I encourage gentle touch to fully enjoy the lustrous surface of an encaustic piece.  Keep it free of fingerprints and dust with an occasional buffing with a soft cloth.  See my Blog post on caring for your work of art!

Can I preview the art in my home?

If you live in or near San Diego, I can bring a piece (or several) to your home or office so you can see them in place.  If you aren't geographically close, I suggest printing a color photo of the artwork (Staples can do this) and placing it in the desired spot.  I also have a 30-day return policy for undamaged artwork.

Do you have a return policy?

I accept returns within 30 days if all conditions are met.  FULL POLICY

What if the artwork arrives damaged?

I have my work packed and shipped professionally to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition.  Should a piece arrive with damage, please photograph the damage immediately and email it to me at linda@atelierfrueh.com.  I will work with you to either repair the piece or you may invoke the return policy.  

What is your shipping policy?  

Can I return art?