Saatchi's Other Art Fair in Los Angeles

Well, folks, I just returned from an exhilarating and exhausting four day show in LA and thought I'd share some pictures.

 The setup in 90 degree weather was rough - thanks   to my husband for helping to put all the   work in its proper place.  Height helps (as do strong   arms). The layout was beautiful and I was thrilled to   be a part of this terrific cohort of artists.  Moreover,   the LA art scene is sparkling!  We had great music,   thousands of knowledgeable visitors and collectors,   and it was all around a tremendous experience.  For   someone who spends the majority of her time alone   in the studio, all that social interaction was   challenging - but I'm grateful for the wonderful   interactions with so many art lovers.



I showed works from the Desert Textures Collection and the Figurative Collection.  As the show proceeded, I brought in new work to replace pieces that sold. These are some of the works that now grace the homes of LA residents:







I also had some terrific artist neighbors- MONTi and John:


Thanks to all the visitors, collectors, friends and family who made this an amazing experience!  I plan to make this a regular exhibition, and will keep you posted as to dates.  

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