Behind the scenes of an artist’s world


We artists struggle to balance creating work with earning a living - or at least earning enough to support continued creativity. It’s not just about buying the materials - we have studio rent, show fees, truck rentals to transport art...

It can be overwhelming, and difficult to figure out how to find success financially as well as creatively. Conception Arts is a terrific organization that promoted emerging artists and gives us opportunities to show our work around the country. 

In the podcast, I talk with Rachel Wilkins Blum about my journey.  We cover the art making process itself as well as ideas for achieving business success. 

Give a listen and please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!  We must support and encourage one another. Art matters!



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  • Lauren Davis on

    Thank you for sharing your journey here. I am an artist that has yet to put their work out since undergrad. I actually am a glass/metals artist and I am just starting to make work that I want out into the world. It is incredibly intimidating and I appreciate you sharing how you do things. Thank you thank you.

  • Nanette Freeman on

    Will you have a workshop in 2020? Interested.

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