How to buy fine art? It's easy.

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If you've ever wondered how to buy original fine art, it's easier than you think.

Buying original art can seem intimidating. We have heard people ask ‘What do I know about art? What’s good anyway?’ And walking into an art gallery, well, that’s intimidating too.  

These barriers can stop you from considering one of the most satisfying choices available to beautify your world.

I encourage people to think about art as an accessory - the way a scarf or great earrings can make your look. Is it a ‘good’ scarf? Do I really know anything about scarves? These are questions we never ask ourselves. Why not? Because we don’t need to. We choose what we like.

And that’s how the vast majority of us choose art! Do I like it? Does it make me feel good? Will I enjoy seeing it? These are the questions that matter. Now, quality is important - you don’t want to hang a picture that will fade or flake away. You want - and deserve - high quality in your decor. And there are so many great artists out there, creating beautiful work, that’s affordable and of high quality.

My approach to choosing art is very much like my approach to clothing: the clothes can be simple if I have great accessories.

For example - I would rather choose neutral furniture and hang art that strikes a mood than worry over fussy patterned fabrics that will limit my color and style choices in the future. It’s just the way I’d rather wear a simple shirt with interesting jewelry than a complicated outfit.

This is not to say that beautiful artwork and patterned drapes are mutually exclusive! It just means that what you find beautiful, what looks great in a room, is a perfectly valid consideration in choosing art.

This slideshow demonstrates how the choice of art can set a mood, and how a nice room can rise to a beautiful one with one piece of art. Consider the different feel of a soft, pale artwork over the bed versus a bold contrasting one. Which one grabs you? That’s the one you should choose. The one that sets a mood or feeling you like.

*Original artworks shown in video are listed here.  Click title to see artwork:

Desert Moon

Desert Rain


Lover’s Dream

As an artist, I feel that original artwork brings tremendous life and energy to a room. Moreover, you share in the human story of a craftsman’s hands creating something unique and passing it to your care. Having said that, I am a big fan of high quality reproductions if your budget is limited.

In my next blog post I will show canvas reproductions of a few of my original artworks; it will be interesting to see if you can spot the difference! My goal is to help you accessorize your space - to beautify it - regardless of budget. For this reason, I offer high quality reproductions of my work on canvas as well as original works in encaustic wax.

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